Brochure WebsiteBrochure Website

Our brochure website has been designed to give your company the best balance between

• Advertising your company
• Telling your story
• Getting your website found by customers
• Functionality
• Fit your budget

It is the starting point from which to advertise your company.
It is a contact strategy to connect with customers.
Its primary objective is to get people to contact you.

Once your website is up and working, it is the best point for you to refer customers back to you.

External Marketing tools like
• Phone directories
• Yellow Pages
• Thomson Local
• Local Paper adverts
• Leaflet campaigns

All need your website, your phone number to link to.

Brochure Website


Brochure Website Plus

What is a Brochure Website?

5 page Business Website.

It is individually designed to meet your requirement and Customer focused on the market place your business is in.

The Website is designed to provide your

  • Main Contact details.
  • By Keyword Driven (for Search Engine Optimisation).
  • 1 Primary Domain Name:
  • 1 Company Email Account with password protected Webmail:
  • Secure Webmail access:
  • As much UK based secure Charnwood Webspace as needed:


All inclusive 1st year price of £495

Ongoing costs

Yearly renewal of Charnwood Webspace and Domain Name Service and Email Account services for £99 per year.

Address: 7 Charnwood Close, Tyldesley,Manchester. M29 7PR.

"Professional services from £30 per hour | Websites from £299" price range here